Our Story

I’m Mike, founder of Frontline Optics.  I have worked in Fire and Emergency Services for nearly a decade, and the one item that I’ve made sure to have with me every day, is my pair of sunglasses.  To me, my sunglasses are not just a fashion statement – they are key to protecting one of my most valuable assets – my eyes.  

While there are a lot of different sunglass brands out there, there aren’t any designed specifically for us, the frontline workers.  So I set out to design sunglasses with "us" in mind – high-quality, polarized sunglasses that are durable, affordable, and ultimately represent our lifestyle. 

Having worked in this industry I am aware that these sunglasses will go through a lot, and each pair will develop a story of its own for those who wear them.  Ultimately, a time will come when the demands of the job catch up, and its useful life will come to an end.  When this happens, just reach out and we will provide you with a replacement of one new pair of equal or lesser value, no questions asked. 

In addition, a portion of all proceeds from the sale of these glasses is donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation, in support of those children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. 

Founder Mike Ettenberg with NASCAR Xfinity

I created Frontline Optics  after realizing that no other brand truly had a focus on us, the frontline workers. 

Mike- Founder Frontline Optics

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